To be an institution that nurtures young adults with a balanced body, mind and spirit so that they grow up into individuals who are optimistic, happy and become leaders of their own tomorrow


To prepare students for life by fostering scientific temper and values – To enhance students’ self-esteem and ignite their curiosity and imagination – To realize students’ potential through multi-disciplinary curriculum and mould them as wholesome personalities


Since the time it was established in 1998, Sree Vinayaka Educational Scociety has surpassed many a milestone. From setting up an institution that imparts quality education, to emerging as a centre for knowledge and academic excellence in several spheres of learning, the trust has made many successful strides along the journey. Over the years, the number of parents entrusting their children to us has only grown, so we nurture citizens who can create a place for themselves as the leaders of their own future.


Sree Vinayaka Educational Society has always been an institution that has taken up the cause of furthering education and propagating knowledge. But at the same time, we focus on a child’s value-system as much as we value academic excellence. More so as we evolve with time, we are constantly adapting global best practices to nurture generations of students who can surpass the expectations of the world in its ever-growing competitive environment.

Our College